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HUD pauses evictions and foreclosures during coronavirus outbreak

Why it matters: David Dworkin, president of the National Housing Conference, told the Post giving renters the option to skip a few payments won’t be enough since they will be under pressure to pay their past due amounts all at once. The debt could be unaffordable for many people, particularly those in low-wage jobs.

Amid coronavirus-fueled unemployment, workers grapple for lifeline

“We’re going to have to see how it evolves, but the financial crisis we had before is avoidable as long as we are smart about how we deal with people who are unable to make their payments. We don’t want to create a second housing crisis on top of the health care crisis that we have.”-David M. Dworkin

FHFA To Disburse GSE Allocations to Housing Trust Fund

“In early 2019, the National Housing Conference (NHC) along with its coalition members submitted a letter to then-FHFA Acting Director Joseph Otting on Monday, urging the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) to continue allocations to the Capital Magnet Fund (CMF) and the National Housing Trust Fund (HTF) in 2019 and beyond.”

Regulators Extend Comment Period for CRA Changes

“It’s in the best interest of regulators to not rush modernizing CRA. It’s more important to get it right. NHC has dozens of our members working on a detailed response, along with a team from Nixon Peabody and Georgetown Law School. If the OCC and FDIC really want to improve CRA without gutting it, they need to take this comment period and the resulting feedback very seriously. Extending the comment period is an important first step.” -David M. Dworkin

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