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Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders in Affordable Housing (ELAH) is a membership network of young professionals and students under the age of 35 and under who are interested in affordable housing. A special member designation of the National Housing Conference, ELAH is committed to advancing the goal of providing housing to low- and moderate-income individuals and families through sound community revitalization policies. ELAH members have exclusive access to professional and leadership opportunities and NHC events.

ELAH provides leadership opportunities, professional development and networking social events to its members. Membership programming includes:

  • Reduced rates at industry conferences
  • Volunteer and philanthropy opportunities
  • Tours of local affordable housing communities and other educational opportunities

Emerging Leaders in Affordable Housing also receive the following NHC benefits:

  • Reduced rates for NHC programs and events
  • Networking opportunities with NHC members
  • Educational forums on housing policy
  • Groundbreaking policy and advocacy tools
  • Subscription to the NHC Member Brief (NHC’s policy newsletter)
  • Access to NHC’s online member database
  • Advance notice of NHC’s research and digital publication releases

For more information on becoming an Emerging Leader, please email us at  You can purchase a membership here at $50.

2020-2021 Members

Pam Agava
Krysta Aguilar
Tahir Alberg
Molly Anderson
Logan Ashby
Lucas Asher
Sara Autori
Holly Baker
Olivia Barrow
Alyssa Bell
Catherine Berry
Hugo Carvajal
Tanya Chin Ross
Tai M. Coates
Chloe Cohen
Justin Cook
Tina Cota
Brittany Darby
Taylor Davis
Gabrielle Dean
Irma DeLeon
Brendan Dentino
Mackenzie Drosd
Melanie Dill
Terry Edlin
Justin Edwards
Mandy Eidson
Eloise England
Heidi Ewen
Shivaughn Ferguson
Leon Fields II
Ryan Fleming
Alison Frost
Ashia Gallo
Katherine Gannon
Stephanie Garcia
Celeste Goulding
Courtney Greathouse
Laura Griffin
Katelynn Harris
Rose Haslehurst

Dylan Hayden
Roderick Hall
Andrew Hofing
David Huaman
A.L. Hu
Robin Jacobs
Samar Jha
Michael Jun

Kimberly Kerrigan
Hayley Kenyon
Mary Melinda Knebel
Joshua W. LaFrance
Hope Lanphear
Jasmine Lewis
Rose M. Lewis
Terri Lewinson
Richard Manjarres
Libba McKinsey
Catarina Merolli
Sade Nesby
Adrienne Norwood
Sadie Nott
Lindsay June Z. Nicholas
Victoria O’Banion
Alan O’Hashi
Kelsey Oesmann
William McCoy
Stephanie Pazarin
Alex Pereira
Annie Perizzolo
Ariane Pina
Pamela Pineros
Vivian Preciado
Bithia Ratnasamy
Sal Rajput
Mark Reardon
Natalie Rogers
Hannah Roth
Megan Rowe
Sarina Sawyer
Daniel Scheinman
Brian Scott
Xonana R. Scrubb
Nitan Shanas
Brandon Sherwood
Aaron Shroyer
Joseph Speer
Lina Alfieri Stern
Kyo Tang
Abigail Tatkow
Patrick Taylor
RoseAngel Taylor
Aisha Thomas
Anya Vanecek
Sean Veal
Peter Wallace
Dava Warner
Stephanie Watkins-Cruz
Amelia Wehr
Rebecca Weiss
Victoria Wilder
Tawechote Wongbuphanimitr
Sarah Wrightsman

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