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Communicating housing solutions

Next month, NHC will host our 5th convening of Solutions for Housing Communications 2020. Registration for this critically important event is far ahead of last year, so if you already registered, thank you. For those who haven’t yet, please take a minute to learn why you or your communications and policy staff need to attend. As the housing affordability crisis continues to worsen, more middle-income Americans are finding it difficult to rent or own a home of their own, especially where good jobs are most prevalent. For lower income people across the country, the crisis is acute, resulting in record numbers of homeless, and growing numbers of working homeless. You know this, but policymakers need to hear it again and again, from you, your stakeholders, the media, and elected officials. Our ability to effectively communicate solutions to these problems is existential to our work – and our success.

Solutions for Housing Communications is the only event in the nation that is specifically geared towards housing communicators, but all housing professionals can benefit from attending. Join together with housing professionals from across the country for a full day of sessions on promising communications strategies and tactics to help expand awareness of the benefits of affordable housing and build support for affordable housing policies and development. The audience at #SolutionsComms represents the entire housing spectrum from affordable housing developers, government agencies, lenders to advocacy coalitions. Between 200-300 people are expected to attend.

We’ve put together a great lineup of relevant and timely sessions that include:

GoodComm: Messaging for affordable housing

What are the different key messages housers should use when communicating to a broader audience on the benefits of affordable housing? How can housers avoid using jargon to make affordable housing comprehensible and resonate with a broader community and policymakers? What are the best approaches to presenting your housing mission that is visually appealing?

Hear from researchers and communications experts who will discuss messaging strategies to pivot and counter NIMBYism, framing techniques and more.

The future of housing news

What does your media pitching and strategy need to look like at the start of a new decade? How can our industry ensure housing stories are compelling and gets the attention it deserves, especially during an election year? What will be the hottest topics that will shape what is publicized the most in housing?

Join a lively discussion with housing communicators and reporters who will give the inside scoop on the future of housing news.

Solutions for Communications is a unique event that only NHC hosts. If you’ve been before you know how successful it has been in the past. This year, we hope to make it the best ever, which only you can help us deliver by coming for a day of learning and networking with your peers!

Register today and take advantage of Early Bird savings. If you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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