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How you can help save the Low Income Housing Tax Credit

NHC Members and Friends,

It’s time to remind your elected representatives just how important the Low Income Housing Tax Credit is to affordable housing. As stakeholders who work with it every day, you know that it is a singularly successful program that produces essential affordable housing and jobs across the country. But in an era of deficit reduction and looming tax reform, we must reinforce the importance of the program with members of Congress. Your voice is needed.

This sign-on letter, which you can read here at, represents a national consensus position from the A.C.T.I.O.N. Network (A Call To Invest In Our Neighborhoods)–a national, grassroots coalition focused on maintaining investment in affordable rental housing. Primarily, it highlights the proven success of the Housing Credit program. It also advocates two small but important legislative changes to set a fixed floor rate for the 9% and 4% credit percentages. These legislative proposals are useful in themselves, and they also provide a concrete ways for Congress to express ongoing support for the Housing Credit program.

Housing groups at the local, state, and national levels, including NHC, are all signing on to show their support for this essential program. Please respond to NHC VP for Policy and Advocacy at to add your organization as a supporter.

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