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Housing is the big winner in this year’s election

It’s clear today that Housing is the big winner in this year’s election. As a result, NHC is poised to be a big winner in this year’s election, as the affordable housing crisis is a top line agenda item for many newly elected members of Congress – in part because the housing crisis is impacting so many of their constituents, from middle income families to rising evictions and growing homelessness. Housing policy is most successful and most impactful when it is inclusive and bipartisan, and nothing forces bipartisan solutions like a divided government.

So, a Republican Senate and Democratic House can serve housing well if members of Congress are given thoughtful answers to the questions they are being asked by their constituents: Why is it still so hard to get a mortgage on an affordable house? Why is my rent so high? Why are there so many people experiencing homelessness in my city? Why do I owe more on my student loans now than I did when I graduated five years ago? Why do I still live with my parents? Why can’t I afford to live in the neighborhood my parents did? Where am I going to live when I retire on Social Security? Asking these questions is the easy part. Answering them with action and results is much harder, but it is what NHC was created to do.

This country’s first comprehensive housing act was passed in 1937 and it was developed and fought for by NHC. The next one was in 1949, and again NHC was in the lead. We advocated for HUD for 10 years before it became a cabinet agency, and for six years we were a part of the coalition to create the Fair Housing Act before it became law. Today, America is overdue for a comprehensive national housing policy and NHC will once again be in the lead. Through our Policy Committee and National Advisory Committee, we will embark on a process of study, consultation and consensus building to develop the National Housing Act of 2021 – a national housing policy for the 21st century. By the end of the year, we will have a set of principles and detailed proposals for a comprehensive approach to realizing our mission: that everyone in America should have equal opportunity to live in a quality, affordable home in a thriving community – everyone.

This conversation will begin at Solutions for Affordable Housing 2018 – just three weeks away from now. You can join housing leaders throughout the country, current and many newly elected members of Congress, senior officials from the Treasury Department and HUD, as well as major congressional leaders (announcement to come soon) to discuss the future of housing in America. It’s not too late to register today. Anyone can attend Solutions, but only members of NHC can participate in our policymaking process, and we need your experience and vision. Join or renew your membership today.

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