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Connect with NHC’s policy and advocacy work

For all of our members and partners who engage in policy development and advocacy, NHC’s new web site offers a lot. Use it, share it and love it—we do. But a lot of policy and advocacy work happens in person, and we hope you will participate with NHC in those opportunities, too: our task forces and working groups.

If you’re advocating at a state or local level for affordable housing, our signature publications Paycheck to Paycheck and Housing Landscapeare now easier to find. I particularly like the state map interface as a way to find the data on housing affordability challenges in a particular area. NHC’s Policy Library shows a simple, chronological view of our advocacy work, all guided by the policy priorities developed by our Policy Committee and approved by our Board of Governors.

It’s in the task forces and working groups that NHC members can really roll up their sleeves and dig into the policy work. This summer, our Connectivity Working Group has had several meetings with the Federal Communications Commission about increasing broadband availability in affordable housing.  The working group is also helping to guide research into best practices that will inform the many ways housers are trying to get residents connected. Our Green Affordable Housing Coalition is building widespread support for energy efficiency in affordable housing as a way to help meet requirements in the Federal Clean Power Plan, with webinars, conference presentations, written comments and meetings with regulators. Perhaps the largest effort right now is our Solutions for Restoring Neighborhoods convening coming Nov. 5-6 in New Orleans, which builds on a year of research and policy development in the Restoring Neighborhoods Task Force.
You can find lots to learn from us online, but please don’t stop there. Reach out and get involved in any areas that interest you. We are all stronger together.
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