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A pivotal time for housing and NHC

The next three months will be among the most important opportunities for affordable housing policy in years, and for at least a year to come. There is still a chance to pass desperately needed housing production legislation before the 2024 election is in full roar. There are also some critically important regulatory initiatives underway that will help contribute to improving the housing crisis – or make it worse.

These include enactment of the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act – estimated to result in the financing of nearly two million additional affordable homes over the year ten years; and the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act, which would provide tax credits in communities to close the “appraisal gap,” making undervalued projects feasible, and creating more inventory for entry-level homeownership. These bills have broad bipartisan support and are must pass legislation for housing.

There are also real threats to our work, including proposed capital standards that would add to the racial homeownership gap, proposed pricing changes that will hurt first-time homebuyers, and a proposed modernization of the Community Reinvestment Act that could disincentivize community development. We are hopeful that major changes will be made in these proposals, but they won’t be addressed if we don’t continue to advocate for them as a united coalition.

And that is where your involvement is so vital. NHC needs your active membership to maximize our contribution to your work and the work of our colleagues. To our current members, I thank you for your continued support of NHC. As we begin our membership drive, this is the perfect time to renew your membership for 2024.

And for those who are not currently members, please join today. Whether you are an individual, a nonprofit or for-profit organization, we have a membership level tailored to meet your specific needs. Our Emerging Leaders in Affordable Housing is designed for those 35 and under at just $50 a year, nonprofit memberships start at $1,000, and for-profit memberships start at $2,500, although we hope that you will consider joining our Leadership Circle to make a bigger difference.

By becoming a NHC member you can take advantage of exclusive networking opportunities, receive our weekly Member Brief containing the latest housing news and developments, and access to our Member Note which covers major economic developments and dialogues on today’s crucial housing matters. You also will get access to NHC’s research reports, like “Paycheck to Paycheck,” “Housing and Health,” and the “Employer-Assisted Housing Toolkit,” that provide information and insight to educate policymakers and housing leaders on emerging issues and best practices to address America’s diverse housing needs. To learn more about NHC’s member benefits and to join, click here.

We also have exciting events planned as we end the year. Our Solutions for Affordable Housing convening will take place on December 7, in-person and virtually, at the National Press Club. This event explores key national housing issues and the interplay between federal and local policies that shape them. And we look forward to seeing you in 2024 for our Solutions for Housing Communications convening on April 3 and at our Housing Visionary Awards Gala on June 5 at The Anthem in Washington, D.C.

By renewing or joining NHC now, your membership will encompass the remainder of 2023. And, if you join, renew, or elevate your membership by October 31, you will also receive additional benefits for the 2024 Housing Visionary Awards Gala. Platinum memberships will receive a complimentary half page ad in the Gala tribute book and a full-page digital ad to be displayed at the Anthem. Gold and silver memberships will receive a complimentary quarter page ad in the Gala tribute book and a quarter page digital ad to be displayed at The Anthem. Full memberships will receive a complimentary quarter page digital ad to be displayed at The Anthem. Learn more about these additional opportunities here.

Our work at NHC relies on the support of our members, both financially and intellectually, to represent your interests effectively. We look forward to collaborating with you over the coming year to address America’s affordable housing needs.

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