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Time running out for non-members to access NHC’s Housing Resource Center

NHC’s new Housing Resource Center (HRC) is the definitive destination for all your federal policy needs in housing. Nowhere else offers a platform that captures information from across the housing ecosystem – catering to the diverse needs of policymakers, journalists, lenders, home builders, civil rights groups, consumer and affordable housing advocates, real estate professionals, nonprofit and for-profit housing development corporations, academics, and more.

The HRC is currently accessible to all through June 30, after which it will become an exclusive benefit reserved for NHC members, government policymakers, journalists and academic researchers.

The HRC provides access to a growing collection of over 1,200 resources, offering an unparalleled wealth of knowledge in an easily searchable, centralized repository. The collection of resources is organized under twelve umbrellas:

  • Climate
  • Community Development
  • Health and Housing
  • Homelessness
  • Homeownership
  • Preservation, Production and Supply
  • Racial Equity
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Rental Housing
  • Sustainability, and
  • Technology

Resources include news articles, toolkits, issue papers, research, and congressional actions, all searchable by topic and resource type. The HRC also provides comprehensive collections of housing-related blogs, podcasts, and data tools on their current events and shared knowledge of housing and community development best practices.

As an organization, NHC works to bridge the gaps between our diverse members and offers a place for housers to come together to find solutions to our affordable housing policy challenges. The current version of HRC is just the beginning. We have plans to incorporate additional features and updates that will keep housers working together and make this a must-visit resource for anyone working in the housing industry.

So, be sure to visit NHC’s Housing Resource Center to view the wealth of resources available, and if you aren’t already, be sure to become an NHC member to continue accessing this valuable repository of information after June 30.

NHC memberships begin at $100 a year for individuals ($50 for those under 30), $1,000 for nonprofit organizations, and $2,500 for for-profit organizations. By becoming a NHC member you will not only retain access to the HRC, but you will also receive our weekly Member Brief, delivering the latest housing news and developments, as well as our Member Note, which delves into significant economic developments and discussions on today’s critical housing issues. You can also take advantage of exclusive networking opportunities and event discounts.

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