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The Power of Blogging in Explaining the Financial Crisis

With new news about the financial crisis breaking daily – and oftentimes even hourly – MIT management professor and former director of research at the International Monetary Fund, Simon Johnson, along with his friends Peter Boone and James Kwak, determined there was a need to create a new blog focused on “what happened to the economy and what we can do about it.”

The blog, called “Baseline Scenario,” was launched in September and also accompanies Johnson’s two-month-long Global Crisis lecture series – a noncredit course at MIT open to anyone interested in discussing developing economic events.

“There’s a big thirst for listening to accessible discussions,” said Johnson.

The professor also noted that the idea behind the series was to get “[students] to get enthused” by posting on the blog.

“There are no stupid questions,” Johnson added. “Even I’m confused about some things – but the point is to get students engaged.”

In addition to his students, the blog – which is now available on our “Blogroll” – is written for anyone interested in the topic, serving as a valuable resource for all individuals who want to participate in the conversation about the economic crisis.

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