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Starting a new chapter in my work addressing social determinants of health

After five years working at NHC to advance affordable housing, I am starting a new chapter at Nemours Children’s Health System’s National Office of Policy and Prevention. At Nemours, I will build on my work at the intersection of housing and health to promote the health of children by addressing social determinants of health through research and advocacy for health system transformation.

The opportunities I’ve had at NHC, first as an intern, then as a full-time researcher, helped me build my expertise in the impact of affordable housing on health and on the wellbeing of children and older adults. I value the time I spent being a part of NHC’s strong team of professionals, who are all dedicated to creating and advancing solutions for affordable housing. I will miss my colleagues, but I am confident they will continue to carry out NHC’s mission of moving housing forward for low- and moderate-income Americans.

I know that NHC will continue to bring together key voices to advance policy to create affordable housing for all Americans. As I was reminded recently at the Tennessee Governor’s Housing Conference, NHC plays a key role of connecting affordable housing practitioners at the state and local level. Not only does NHC keep them updated on developments around federal legislation on Capitol Hill, but NHC also elevates the innovative work happening on the ground to share knowledge and inform policymaking in D.C. I look forward to following NHC’s continued work to convene the affordable housing field, develop and share resources and inform effective messaging and framing around affordable housing.

Thank you to all of my colleagues both at NHC and the many other dedicated affordable housing groups in D.C. and around the country. I have learned a great deal from you all and value the time I have spent getting to know you and exploring your work.

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