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San Diego Housing Commission to provide families with special needs housing options

Recently NHC member San Diego Housing Commission and its partner, Chelsea Investment Corp. announced that it will be constructing affordable rental housing for families who have a developmentally disabled member. Independence Point will feature on-and-off-site services that will contribute to the ability of residents to be self-sufficient and contain three-and-four-bedroom units for families with incomes at or below four set incomes levels as determined by area median income in San Diego.

 The three buildings that will make up Independence Point will be located in the county’s fourth council district and will feature a community that is in walking distance to John F. Kennedy Park, two schools, retail stores and a grocery store. Rental in Independence Point will be affordable to families with incomes as low as $23,000 per year.
“This townhome development for families with a developmentally disabled loved one lives up to the San Diego Housing Commission’s motto—‘We’re About People,’” said San Diego Housing Commission’s Vice President of Housing Finance and Development, Ann Kern, in a press release. “It’s incredible that this development is going to assist [families with a developmentally disabled member],” she continued.
Federal assistance for special-needs housing is crucial, as revealed in data released in July by HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research, which shows that 34 percent of households receiving federal subsidies include a person with a disability. NHC Vice president of Research Lisa Sturtevant analyzed the data in a blog post to reveal how necessary federal assistance is for helping to provide affordable housing to needy families.
Construction of Independence Point is expected to be completed in a year.
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