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NHC Recaps the Piece by Piece Kick-Off Event

Piece by Piece – A Regional Foreclosure Initiative is a bold, coordinated effort designed to spur strategic action from the many regional stakeholders who care passionately about protecting the long-term future of our neighborhoods and communities, kicked off in Atlanta, GA on Tuesday, November 30. The event was a great success with more than 300 people in attendance at the Carter Center and 120 confirmed sponsors, including the National Housing Conference.

Former HUD Secretary, Henry Cisneros, provided the keynote and highlighted Atlanta as one of the cities he most greatly admires. Mr. Cisneros praised Atlanta’s tenacity and the leadership of Renee Glover in pursuing Hope VI redevelopments and noted that no city in America has done Hope VI redevelopments and mixed income communities better. As the foreclosure crisis has many communities “wringing their hands” as to what to do, Mr. Cisneros applauded the Piece by Piece initiative for creating a master strategy to combat the crisis. In line with Atlanta’s traditional and spirit of bringing people together and recognizing that everyone has a role to play, he had no doubt that this initiative would be a success.

The National Housing Conference shares Mr. Cisneros’ enthusiasm over the Piece by Piece initiative, and looks forward to assisting in the implementation of this bold initiative to stabilize the Atlanta region and share successes across the country.

Click here to read the full article of the kick-off event in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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