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NHC members LINC Housing and The Community Development Trust celebrate completed renovations at Pleasant View Apartments

Last month the Fresno, Ca. Pleasant View Apartments received $1.6 million in renovations thanks to NHC’s members LINC Housing and The Community Development Trust (CDT). The organizations partnered to acquire the 60-unit building in 2012. The nearly three years since the partnership began has afforded the development several upgrades and renovations.

The first wave of renovations saw a community center and playground added to the community in 2013. Kitchen renovations followed, with all apartments receiving new cabinets, flooring and new paint. Additional upgrades included energy efficient windows, deck repairs and new roofs. Three apartments also received upgrades that met federal Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.
“Our investment in Pleasant View apartments will ensure that families and seniors in the Fresno community will continue to have access to quality, safe and affordable housing,” CDT president and CEO, Joseph Reilly, said in a press release. “We are grateful to LINC Housing, our partners in this project and we look forward to the opportunity to work together again on our shared mission to preserve and expand the supply of affordable housing.”
Access to quality affordable housing is an important factor in the success of individuals and families. Our Annual Policy Symposium on June 12 at the Washington Marriott Metro Center will include a panel discussion on how affordable rental housing can provide the opportunity for people to improve their lives or live with greater dignity. If you’re in the area, you can register for the event here.
Funding and support for the renovation of Pleasant View Apartments was provided by several partners, including The California Endowment, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, and NHC member Low Income Investment Fund.
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