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NHC Executive Committee Member Presents on the Future Role of GSEs and the Housing Finance System

In this in-depth presentation, “Whither the GSEs: What’s Next and What’s After That?,” Shekar Narasimhan, managing partner for Beekman Advisors and member of the executive committee of the National Housing Conference, provides insight on the ongoing economic crisis and theorizes on the future role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Narasimhan emphasizes that GSEs should maintain affordable housing programs, enhance opportunities to restructure and modify loans in order to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, and keep liquidity in the economic system, among other provisions, to ensure future economic stability. While stability is vital, Narasimhan reminds us that the future decisions made by the incoming administration could lead to the reconstruction of the housing finance system in order to prevent future financial collapse. These changes, although imminent, are difficult to predict and force many — including Narasimhan — to question what realistically will result from the current economic crisis.

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