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Families could be headed for disaster over unpaid rent during COVID-19

“The last thing we want to see is tens of thousands of sheriffs’ deputies making evictions at one time. Where would these people go? Most wouldn’t be able to get new housing with evictions on their credit reports. They will end up homeless, end up costing the government more money, and make it harder to get rid of the virus.”

End of Federal Moratorium

“We are looking at an eviction cliff,” said National Housing Conference President David Dworkin. “Once we fall over it, it will be hard to climb back.”

Names to Note: July/August 2020

The National Housing Conference announced the appointment of Anne McCulloch as chair of the organization’s Board of Governors. McCulloch is president and CEO of Housing Partnership Equity Trust, a social-purpose REIT.

A federal eviction moratorium is ending. Here’s what renters should know.

“Housing advocates say they are hopeful, arguing it is the only way to avoid a major crisis in the rental market. Either Congress gets ahead of the problem and establishes a rental assistance program now or waits until an emergency emerges, said Dworkin of the National Housing Conference. If Congress waits, he said, the resulting crisis could cause widespread devastation to communities throughout the country.”

Without help, evictions loom for millions as deadline nears

“We are looking at an eviction cliff, and once we fall over it, it will be hard to climb back,” David Dworkin, president of the non-profit National Housing Conference told The Washington Post. “I am troubled about August and I am terrified about September,” he said. “A rental moratorium kicks the can down the

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