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Fight looms over down payment aid to close racial wealth gap

“We are simply providing first-generation homebuyers, largely people of color, what white, first-time homebuyers have been receiving for years in the form of the ‘Daddy Down Payment’ loan — family assistance that is almost never repaid.” – David M. Dworkin

Housing groups organize against NIMBYs

“When properly used, said David Dworkin, president of the National Housing Conference, a Washington D.C. advocacy group, ‘CDBG grants are a really important way in closing big gaps in financing for housing. They are supposed to contribute to adding capacity to affordable housing developers.'”

DOJ will appeal judge’s ruling overturning ban on evictions

“I’m concerned that state and local governments may be tempted to add policy overlays onto what is emergency rental assistance, or haircuts on landlords that create disincentives to actually solving the problem. added. We need to move the money as quickly and efficiently as possible.” – David M. Dworkin

Homeowners’ new safety net leaves many at risk

“States have some leeway to improvise with their Homeowner Assistance Fund programs, which makes some policy experts nervous. Wide variation among state programs ‘could be counterproductive to getting the money out quickly’ and raises concerns about how the funds will be targeted to those most in need, says David Dworkin, CEO of the National Housing Conference.”

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