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Trump’s pick of Calabria as housing chief roils advocates

“He’s on the record … as highly skeptical of many of the historically successful elements of our housing finance economy. There’s a big difference between having strong opinions in the private sector or in academia and having your hand on the throttle that controls one-sixth of the economy.” – David M. Dworkin

Looking for Bipartisan Solutions

“As freshmen members of Congress are trying to figure out how they will afford a home in DC while maintaining one in their district, they should consider how housing can be an issue on which a divided government can come together.” – David M. Dworkin

American cities with the youngest, oldest homeowners

“There’s been a significant lack of supply, and that’s one of things that’s been driving housing prices. And if it’s driven by a lack of supply, then that’s problematic, especially in the move-up market, where people are just getting out from under water.” – David M. Dworkin

6 ways Washington could make housing more affordable

On boosting the Low Income Housing Tax Credit: “It’s the most bipartisan and effective affordable housing production tool. It leverages public-private partnerships, it has an incredible success rate.” – David M. Dworkin

David Dworkin joins FOX Business to discuss Amazon’s new HQs

“It’s great news for both communities. The trick is it needs to stay great news. And the problem we have to deal with is when you put that many houses or that many people into a community at one time, you’re going to see housing prices go up for both renters and home buyers. If Amazon employees cannot afford to buy and rent in this community, there going to end up with the same problem they had in Seattle.” – David M. Dworkin

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