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National Inclusionary Housing Conference: Day 2

The National Inclusionary Housing Conference second day of inclusionary housing education and information sharing held many insights from experts on the topic.

The morning began with opening remarks by NHC President and CEO Maureen Friar and the Center for Housing Policy’s Executive Director, Jeffrey Lubell. Friar reaffirmed NHC’s commitment and dedication to inclusionary housing practices, when done right, as a way to provide safe, affordable and decent housing to all in America. Lubell spoke about the government’s need to adopt a policy agenda on how to build affordability into communities when new transit lines are built and have the very likely chance of increasing home and rent prices in those communities. The way Lubell suggested this happening was through federal incentives to get the state and local levels to adopt such inclusionary zoning practices.

The day was comprised of several workshops on inclusionary housing including how to garner support from unlikely allies including the business community, faith-based, environmental and low-income advocates. Also, how to make the most of inclusionary homeownership and how to make it’s long term impact. 
The lunch plenary featured Alan Mallach and Nico Calavita of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. They presented on the international perspective of inclusionary housing, focusing on affordable housing, social inclusion, and land value recapture. 
The day ended with a reception honoring two giants of inclusionary housing policy policy, Conrad Egan and Bernie Tetrault.  Egan and Tetrault colleagues paid tribute to their professional achievements and concluded with a musical performance by After the Storm.

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