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HOME is where the action is

While NHC is hard at work on many policy issues, the major focus continues to be the potential loss of the HOME program.  NHC will continue to actively work as part of the many coalitions seeking to lift the budget caps so that funding for programs like HOME can be restored.  Make no mistake: This is a moment in time where all organizations involved in the provision of affordable housing need to add their voices to the advocacy on this issue. Policy makers need to know how important the HOME program is in responding to the housing affordability challenges in our communities. However, even if a budget agreement restores funding to the HOME program, the pressure of transportation and defense spending plus the budget caps will still result in significant cuts to housing programs. Please note the advocacy opportunities Emily and Rebekah discuss below, and share this information with everyone in your networks.

As NHC looks ahead to the fall, we are excited to announce the second of our 2015 Solutions convenings. On Nov. 5-6, NHC will host Solutions for Restoring Neighborhoods in New Orleans. This day and a half-long event will feature a mobile workshop tour of some of the inspiring, cutting-edge redevelopment work happening in that city. It will also feature workshops on topics such as public safety, fair housing, hospitals as redevelopment anchors, neighborhood stabilization, property management and others. We will also offer several roundtable sessions for participant-led discussion of key issues.
This is a unique national conference with a regional flavor that promises to attract a diverse audience and offer a look at the entire spectrum of affordable housing and community development. Solutions for Restoring Neighborhoods will feature some of the best work happening in New Orleans as well as speakers from different regions across the country. This is a great opportunity to attend a national conference that caters to developers, local governments, lenders, syndicators, service providers and program administrators.
Thanks to the generous support of our lead sponsor, JPMorgan Chase, we’re able to offer the very low registration rate of $100 for NHC members and $150 for nonmembers. Visit our websitefor information on this valuable opportunity today!
Finally, I am sad to report that Leah Logan, our Senior Director of Membership, Meetings and Development, left NHC at the end of the July. Leah has been a tremendous asset to NHC in stepping into the meeting planning role as well as helping us grow our grants management, Leadership Circle and other membership efforts. Leah will be joining Ginnie Mae in an external affairs position that will continue her career growth. We will miss her tremendous work ethic, positive attitude and leadership in the office and wish her the best in her new job. If you are interested in the position of Membership Director at NHC or have candidates to recommend, please see more information below from Radiah.
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