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Going beyond the hashtags

In this era of renewed attention on our nation’s persistent social inequities, enterprises everywhere have said plenty on the issue. But is that enough? As Dwayna Haley of Porter Novelli puts it, “I applaud brands that have quickly assembled powerful content admonishing racism, demanding justice reform and equality. Now what? The sentiment is appreciated, but my son can’t ride his bike down the street on the strength of your words.”

Professional communicators in housing and community development want to ensure their organization’s advocacy on racial and social equity is backed by action, and not just well-crafted statements and hashtags. How they can do it is the focus of NHC’s Solutions for Housing Communications online convening on Thursday, March 18.

For our #SolutionsComms session on Managing your housing brand during national crises, Ms. Haley will join housing, community development and public relations experts to offer strategies that will help organizations go beyond talk to be leading forces in standing up against social injustices.

In the session titled Revamping messaging to help address long-standing issues, Kalima Rose of PolicyLink and Grover Wehman-Brown of East Bay Housing Organizations will share how they are using a “Housing Justice Narrative” – which highlights the intersection of housing and racial equity.

The Advocating for housing and economic equality session, led by Bryan Greene of the National Association of REALTORS®, will build on the topic of dismantling racist housing practices and creating housing opportunities for all by using truly effective advocacy.

Today, the job of communicators is more than message-making. They can make a real difference by pushing for change within their own organizations. They can champion diversity on their boards and staffs, promote coalition building with civil right and community groups, and shine a light on whether their employers’ policies and activities reflect the right core values.

To learn how, join leading experts and communications colleagues this week at #SolutionsComms. Register here today!

Andrea Nesby is a communications and marketing manager at the National Housing Conference 

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