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Gala Honoree Spotlight: Rep. Pat Tiberi

Rep. Pat Tiberi of Ohio’s 12th Congressional District has been a strong supporter of public-private partnerships for affordable housing and community development. The son of Italian immigrants who worked hard to provide for him and his sisters, Rep. Tiberi experienced the struggle of working-class Americans first hand, while learning the importance of education and hard work. His career in public service has been a reflection of these lessons learned, as well as his commitment to his community.

“Pat knows working people because of his heritage and is also one of the hardest working people I have ever seen on Capitol Hill,” says Robert Moss, principal at CohnReznick LLP, who worked with Rep. Tiberi and his staff for many years.

After graduating from Ohio State University in 1985, he worked as an aide for then-congressman John Kasich and eventually was elected to the Ohio state legislature. In November 2000, Rep. Tiberi was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. In this capacity, Rep. Tiberi sought learn more about housing opportunities in his district, visiting local affordable housing developments and learning the impact of affordable housing both for families and the economy. Rep. Tiberi has since introduced legislation to bring more private capital investment, through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) and the New Markets Tax Credit, into struggling neighborhoods that wouldn’t see it otherwise.

“Pat has championed the Housing Credit before [joining] the Ways and Means Committee, and all of the Republican members of the committee look to him for leadership on affordable housing issues,” shares Robert Rozen, who worked many years in the Senate and was involved in the establishment of the Housing Credit program. “He has always been there when the affordable housing community needed him.”

In 2015, NHC member Novogradac & Company LLP named Rep. Tiberi its Community Development Federal Legislator of the Year, largely for his support of the New Markets Tax Credit.

“Rep. Tiberi has been a consistent, vocal supporter of a variety of public-private partnerships to responsibly provide assistance and opportunity to our neediest citizens and communities,” says Michael Novogradac, managing partner at Novogradac & Company LLP. “He works with other elected officials on both sides of the aisle, and is often referred to as a legislator’s legislator.”

Rep. Tiberi continues to work diligently on increasing housing opportunities for low-income individuals. Most recently he, along with Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), introduced the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017. The bill would make financing affordable housing more predictable and support Housing Credit development in challenging markets like rural and Native American communities.

“Pat Tiberi is effective in his role as a public servant because he listens, learns and recognizes that solutions can come from a variety of sources, including those with whom he may disagree on other issues. He is extraordinarily well-respected by both Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives, meaning that legislation he sponsors or backs immediately gains gravitas. When you have the opportunity to meet with Rep. Tiberi, you gain an appreciation for both his depth of understanding as well as his willingness to learn,” explains Novogradac.

The Housing Conference is pleased to honor Rep. Tiberi with a special award for championing affordable housing through his strong support of the public-private housing and community development investments.

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