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Website Unveil: NHC COVID-19 Housing Resource Center

As the COVID-19 health and economic crises evolve, the need to quickly access information and share resources across the housing industry will be critical. That is why NHC has created the COVID-19 Housing Resource Center, which features over 400 resources on COVID-19 from every facet of the housing industry.  On April 21, NHC's David Dworkin […]

Paycheck to Paycheck 2017

This webinar and demonstration explored the online interactive Paycheck to Paycheck database. Paycheck to Paycheck uses data from the first quarter of 2017 to examine the gap between wages and housing costs, for both renters and homeowners, in 203 metro areas across the country. The 2017 installment of Paycheck to Paycheck focuses on healthcare workers. […]

Paycheck to Paycheck: More than Housing

This webinar demonstrated the online, interactive Paycheck to Paycheck database and discussed housing costs in the context of typical household spending and budgets as explored in the Paycheck to Paycheck supplement, "More Than Housing."

How Housing Matters 2016

View recordings NHC's How Housing Matters Conference brought together close to 500 practitioners from different sectors to explore ways in which housing can be used as a base to work across traditional silos to improve outcomes. The day was packed with insightful discussions on connecting housing to economic security, building bridges between education and housing […]

Paycheck to Paycheck 2016

This webinar provided a demonstration of the interactive Paycheck to Paycheck 2016 database.

Opportunity Mapping

This webinar provided an introduction to opportunity mapping and outlines its importance in developing more equitable policies.

Broadband and Affordable Housing

Broadband access in affordable housing is increasingly acknowledged as an important tool for lower-income adults and families. This webinar discussed broadband in affordable housing. NHC research associate Mindy Ault presented case studies of two affordable housing organizations—Eden Housing in California and the Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA) in Texas—that have provided this resource for their residents. Catherine Crago of HACA also shared more detailed information about HACA’s program. There will be time built in to take your questions as well.

Housing as a Health Care Investment for Children

This webinar . This webinar discussed findings from recent research conducted by Children's HealthWatch which shows that access to affordable housing is associated with lower risk of hospitalization among infants from vulnerable, low-income families.

Paycheck to Paycheck 2015

This webinar provided a demonstration of the interactive Paycheck to Paycheck 2015 database.

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