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Ethan Handelman enters the digital boxing ring

by Blake Warenik, National Housing Conference and Center for Housing Policy

Our own Ethan Handelman is fighting for help for homeowners struggling in the wake of the burst housing bubble. His is one of several perspectives in the U.S. News and World Report’s Debate Club, Should the government help homeowners with underwater mortgages?

Debate Club allows readers to choose the winning side. Ethan, Asst. Sec. Raphael Bostic at HUD and Peter Tatian at Urban Institute argue yes, while the Cato Institute’s Mark Calabria and George Mason University’s Anthony Sanders argue against the government helping underwater homeowners. You can help everyone see why it’s important to act now for housing by voting for perspectives you share and taking points away from those you deem less sound.

The implication: vote early and often. Voting closes tomorrow.

Vote for housing (and Ethan) now

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