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Enrich your community with solutions to educational disparity

Thinking of attending How Housing Matters on December 13? Don’t miss Building Bridges between Education and Housing Stakeholders, a community conversation on cross-sector approaches to education reform.

This important session will shed light on housing-based educational enrichment with input from these experts: 

  • Hedy Nai-Lin Chang, executive director of Attendance Works, will address education sector pain points with a focus on reducing school absenteeism.
  • Christi Huck, executive director of City Garden Montessori School, will discuss creating high-quality, diverse schools in low-income neighborhoods that serve students and neighbors alike.
  • Vanessa Hernandez, resident services manager of Eden Housing, will share innovations in afterschool programming and resident engagement that support educational outcomes.

This panel will take on the tough issues: educational inequity, school segregation and cross-sector approaches to education reform. You’ll leave with enhanced perspective on how education and housing are connected as well as best practices you can apply in your own community.

This is just one session of How Housing Matters Conference 2016 that will explore the possibilities of cross-sector collaboration. Register for free today to join the full conversation.

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