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Advocate for the HOME program now! New state-by-state program data included.

by Ethan Handelman, National Housing Conference

Congress is finishing up the HUD appropriations for FY 2012, and members need to hear how HOME creates affordable housing. The recent negative coverage by the Washington Post makes it even more important that senators and representatives hear about HOME’s impact in specific communities (see HUD’s blog post). The more detailed and specific—people, places, properties—the better.

To help you make the case for HOME in your state, NHC has compiled data from HUD on the affordable housing HOME has produced state-by-state, since the program began. The totals are impressive: nearly 400,000 rental units, over 440,000 homeownership units, over 200,000 homeowner rehab units, and more than 250,000 households helped with direct rental assistance. Check the table (available here as a spreadsheet from NHC’s website; PDF version here) to see what the results are from your state.

To help you make the case for HOME, here are some other resources:

What can you do?

Let’s protect HOME as a crucial part of our national commitment to safe, decent, and affordable housing for all in America.

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