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A New Source for Metropolitan Housing Affordability data

Have you read our annual Housing Landscape report and wondered what a “Landscape” report would look like if it just focused on your region?
Well, if you live in one the fifty largest metro areas you can now get metro area data on housing affordability, housing costs and incomes from our Housing Landscape metro area data reports. The reports present our analysis of American Community Survey data on the number of households in a metro area who are cost burdened (spending more than 30 percent of their income on housing costs) or severely cost burdened (spending more than half their income on housing).

Cost burdened households spend more than what is considered to be affordable on housing and therefore must face difficult choices on where to cut back their spending. This often means they must go without other necessities such as health care, child care, transportation or food.
The reports also compare the housing affordability challenges of renters and owners to reflect the different dynamics of the home buying and rental housing markets.
The reports include graphs and charts with data on:
  • The number of households with a housing cost burden
  • Median income and housing costs for the metro area
  • The share of households at different income levels with severe housing cost burdens
The reports also examine the housing affordability challenges faced by low- and moderate-income working households in the metro area.
Check out housing affordability data for metro areas ranging from Atlanta, to Louisville, to Virginia Beach.
You can also get state level housing Housing Landscape affordability data for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
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