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The State of Native Housing: Programs, Policy, and Practices on Tribal Lands

Online With intersecting legal systems, a legacy of institutional disinvestment, competing territorial definitions, and significant and urgent unmet demands for rural housing, Native American communities have unique housing needs that require tailored and intentional solutions. This webinar will provide an overview of the state of Native housing in and around Tribal lands. A panel of […]

Adaptive Reuse in Post-Pandemic Development

Emerging from the pandemic, city leaders, planners, and community stakeholders across the nation are wrestling with what post-pandemic life will look like in their neighborhoods. The pandemic economy has created an unprecedented opportunity to address historic housing supply shortages through adaptive reuse of existing structures into affordable housing. Former commercial, retail, and office […]

Fair Housing Forum: Increasing Fair Access to Credit

The Black Homeownership Collaborative's first Fair Housing Forum on Increasing Fair Access to Credit was held on April 19, 2022. This convening built on last year's launch of the Collaborative to explore federal efforts to increase access to quality credit in communities of color. The Forum featured remarks from Acting Comptroller of the Currency […]

Federal Funding, Local Impact: Shared Equity as a Housing Solution

Many communities facing dramatic losses of affordable market rate housing, increasing land costs, and rising costs of new construction are having to consider alternative strategies to keep their communities affordable to live. Shared equity models of housing, including community land trusts, housing cooperatives, and resident-owned manufactured housing, have emerged as a viable approach […]

Tech & Housing Online Symposium


Keynote speaker Deputy Commerce Sec. Don Graves Panel: Innovations in Production This panel explored innovations in housing production, including traditional homebuilding, manufactured housing and emerging green technologies as well as commercial credit availability. Panelists spoke to the issue of supply in the affordable housing market and methods of addressing supply and demand […]

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the future of American homeownership

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced on Tuesday that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will submit plans by the end of this year to reduce racial disparities in housing finance. FHFA’s announcement makes it clear that these plans must include serious measures to provide for equity in housing finance, potentially changing the focus and […]

Why It’s Time to Unlock America’s Single-Family Green Mortgage Market

In the face of an intensifying climate crisis, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are uniquely positioned to promote sustainable, resilient housing across the country. The Enterprises have already created several programs to accelerate production of green multifamily projects, and now the Federal Housing Finance Agency has the opportunity to expand that success to the single-family […]

Leveraging the Tax Code to Address Affordable Housing Supply

To increase affordable housing supply, we need to use all the policy tools available to us to address the multi-faceted issue that is affordable housing production and preservation. Several programs administered through the tax code have proven to be some of the nation’s most effective tools in facilitating investments in affordable housing. With several tax […]

How it Works: Financing and Servicing of Motel and Hotel Conversions (Part II)

In our recent webinar, It Works: Converting Motels and Hotels into Affordable Housing, our panelists shared what is happening at the state level. The National Housing Conference hosted a second event that took a deeper dive into local initiatives for successful hotel/motel conversions at the county and city level. This webinar focused on collaborations between […]

Briefing on Affordable Homeownership and Infrastructure

As Congress begins work on legislation to improve the U.S. infrastructure, it is crucial that affordable homeownership be included. Homeownership is a key building block for stable, vital neighborhoods as well for the wealth, education, and health of individual families. There is no investment alternative that is as beneficial as homeownership for building assets, and, […]

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