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Since 2014, NHC has worked on broadband in affordable housing. We believe a high-speed at-home internet connection is a necessity for families’ economic mobility.

NHC Connectivity Working Group

Broadband Internet connectivity is a gateway to employment, education and opportunity for people in affordable housing, but far too many still lack access.  The NHC Connectivity Working Group brings together national advocates, developers, public housing authorities, lenders, investors and others to help close the gap in broadband connectivity. The working group developed policy recommendations that could expand connectivity in low-income housing.  NeighborWorks® America and the California Emerging Technologies Fund provide support for the working group and related research, including The Connectivity Gap: The Internet is Still Out of Reach for Many Low-Income Renters. To learn more about this working group, contact Rebekah King at

Policy Recommendations

Broadband Connectivity in Affordable Housing: 
Policy Recommendations 
April 2015

Case Studies

Housing Authority of the City of Austin
September 2015

Eden Housing
September 2015


Expanding broadband access in low-income communities
June 29, 2017

Broadband in Affordable Housing
February 21, 2017


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