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The Connectivity Gap: The Internet is Still Out of Reach for Many Low-Income Renters

Most of us use the Internet in all facets of our lives: for work, education, medical care, entertainment, shopping, and innumerable daily tasks. Having a reliable broadband connection at home makes all sorts of tasks easier,faster, and cheaper. Yet far too many low-income households do not have even a basic broadband connection at home. To help achieve affordable broadband connectivity for all, the National Housing Conference(NHC) convened a Connectivity Working Group to recommend policy changes. The group draws from affordable housing developers, public agencies, policy experts, capital providers, national intermediaries, and more, all committed to the shared mission of closing the digital divide for low-income people. The recommendations presented here draw on the expertise of the Connectivity Working Group, the policy briefs from NHC’s Center for Housing Policy, and advice from other stakeholders.

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