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For Immediate Release

Statement of NHC President and CEO David M. Dworkin on the passing of President Biden’s COVID-19 relief plan


Andrea Nesby

WASHINGTON – On behalf of the National Housing Conference (NHC), I would like to commend President Biden for his signing of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan to provide much-needed assistance to millions of renters and homeowners who continue to face hardship due to the ongoing pandemic, as well as struggling mom-and-pop landlords who are working to stay afloat after going nearly a year without rental payments.

For renters, an additional $20 billion in rent assistance marks immense progress in our country to help keep millions of renters safely and stably housed. In addition, NHC is pleased to see $10 billion in much-needed assistance for struggling homeowners included in the relief plan, which NHC and a diverse coalition of housing and civil rights organizations pushed to have included in plan. These funds will help homeowners who face housing insecurity avoid foreclosure, assist with mortgage, utility and property tax and insurance payments and more.

NHC looks forward to working with the administration to find ways to distribute rental assistance funds quickly, efficiently and equitably.

The National Housing Conference has been defending our American Home since 1931. #OurAmericanHome @natlhousingconf @davidmdworkin


About NHC:  The National Housing Conference has been defending the American Home since 1931. Everyone in America should have equal opportunity to live in a quality, affordable home in a thriving community. NHC convenes and collaborates with our diverse membership and the broader housing and community development sectors to advance our policy, research and communications initiatives to effect positive change at the federal, state and local levels. Politically diverse and nonpartisan, NHC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


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