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For Immediate Release

Statement of David M. Dworkin, President and CEO, National Housing Conference, on the confirmation of Alanna McCargo as Ginnie Mae President


Henry Weiss

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I commend the Senate for the confirmation of Alanna McCargo as President of Ginnie Mae. In her new role, Ms. McCargo will have the opportunity to ensure that Ginnie Mae policy aligns with the Biden administration’s goals of reducing housing costs and expanding access to homeownership for historically underserved groups. Ms. McCargo has the expertise necessary to get Ginnie Mae back on track after five years without a permanent head.

Ms. McCargo will succeed as Ginnie Mae President if she has the support of a fully-staffed team at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In particular, it is crucial that the head of the agency tasked with securitizing government-backed mortgages has a capable and Senate-confirmed counterpart at the Federal Housing Administration. For that reason, I call on the Senate to confirm Julia Gordon’s nomination for FHA Commissioner as soon as possible. Ms. Gordon’s experience reducing the impact of foreclosure in communities across the country is second to none. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, her confirmation would provide Americans with the best possible leadership to minimize foreclosures and the impact they have on our communities.




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