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NHC letter strongly opposes HUD proposal to evict immigrant families


Antoinette Sykes

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Housing Conference (NHC) strongly opposes the eviction of immigrant families that include undocumented individuals, as advocated in a recent proposed rule by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

“HUD is in the housing business, not the unhousing business. This rule could lead to not only evictions, but also homelessness of more than 100,000 people, including children that are U.S. citizens,” said David M. Dworkin, president and CEO of NHC. “We face an affordable housing crisis in this country and this rule would be a tremendous distraction of resources when HUD is struggling to maintain and improve its current stock of public housing that is getting worse by the day,” Dworkin said.

NHC has submitted an immigration comment letter in response to the HUD proposed rule, which can be viewed here:

NHC’s comment letter notes that the proposed rule may have a chilling affect on immigrant families that will push them even further to the margins of society, adding to an already growing homeless crisis. “In a country where immigrants face countless obstacles to stability and security, this rule will engender further fear and chaos among residents who have just as much of a need for safe and affordable housing as anyone else,” NHC’s letter said.

The letter also suggests that the proposed rule is counterproductive to HUD’s stated intention to allow more people to have access to federally subsidized housing. “HUD’s own analysis shows that the proposed rule will result in fewer families receiving federal housing benefits,” NHC stated.

About NHC: The National Housing Conference has been defending the American Home since 1931. We believe everyone in America should have equal opportunity to live in a quality, affordable home in a thriving community. NHC convenes and collaborates with our diverse membership and the broader housing and community development sectors to advance our policy, research and communications initiatives to effect positive change at the federal, state and local levels. Politically diverse and nonpartisan, NHC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. #OurAmericanHome @natlhousingconf


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