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Policy Guides

Policy Guides

Have a question about a specific housing policy? Looking for an overview of the variety of ways to create and preserve affordable housing?

Start your search with Nexus, NHC’s guide to housing policy and practice. Our guide provides basic overviews of key affordable housing policies and programs, in-depth descriptions and profiles of policy at work, all from a practical perspective useful to new housers and seasoned professionals alike. We’ve distilled the most important information about federal, state and local housing policies and programs and linked them to the resources and organizations that can help you expand your knowledge.

Nexus. Start here.


Funding Tools
Assistance for Low-Income Homeownership
Tax Increment Financing
Tax Abatement
Impact Fees
Pre-Development and Acquisition Funds and Interim Financing
Cross-Subsidies to Create Mixed-Income Housing
Employer-Assisted Housing
Federal Housing Programs
Housing Trust Funds
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

Inclusive Communities
Inclusionary Housing
Land-based Solutions
Shared Equity Homeownership
Rental Preservation 
Voucher Mobility 

Regulatory Strategies
Building Codes
Land Use and Zoning 

Stable Neighborhoods
Addressing Blight (coming spring 2018)
Foreclosure Prevention
Foreclosure Recovery
Neighborhood Revitalization (coming spring 2018)

Sustainable Development
Transit-Oriented Development (coming spring 2018)
Disaster Resilience (coming spring 2018)
Compact Development (coming spring 2018)
Energy Efficiency (coming spring 2018)


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