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News from 2020

How Would A Biden Presidency Impact Housing Policy?

“Anti-discrimination legislation, like ending redlining—which Biden proposes—in housing is crucial. “What Biden is proposing would help millions of Americans. There’s a disturbing element of ‘I’ve got mine, too bad for you.’ Some people say, ‘I put 20% down on the house, why can’t you?’” – David Dworkin

Trump is going to war on low-income housing in suburbs. He once embraced it.

“This is an attempt to make a law-and-order case to an audience that no longer exists. The people who live in the suburbs today are largely going to be embarrassed by these arguments and do not want to be associated with racist housing policies, even when they have reservations about affordable housing.” – David M. Dworkin

David M. Dworkin and Neil Cavuto on FOX Business News Cavuto: Coast to Coast

“Affordable housing doesn’t hurt home values. It actually strengthens communities and it is a critical component of building our way out of this recession. Housing has led the recovery of every recession since 1960 except for the last one, and that’s an obvious exception to the rule. But if we’re going to get out of this recession, it’s not going to be by having people go back to work at Neiman Marcus or J.Crew. Those companies have filed for bankruptcy, and we’re going to need to put people to work and I think housing construction is a really critical component of how we’re going to do that. ” – David M. Dworkin

Housing industry turns against Fannie, Freddie’s added refinance fee

“The pricing increase is particularly harmful for our nation’s low- and moderate-income homeowners and for the emerging, but unsteady improvements to the national economy,” they concluded. “The undersigned organizations strongly urge the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which had to approve this policy, to withdraw this ill-timed, misguided directive.”

Housing industry groups say Trump’s executive order falls short for renters

“The order would do nothing to help Americans pay rent and would place the financial burden on millions of small businesses while making an eviction crisis even more likely later this year. A moratorium alone is a temporary and unfunded mandate that hurts landlords now at the expense of tenants later. If you can’t pay one month’s rent, how on earth can you pay six or 12 months of rent a few months from now?” – David M. Dworkin

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