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#SolutionsComms 2021 Post Event

Thank you for registering for our Solutions for Housing Communications 2021 online convening. You can click on session name and speaker links to view session recordings and available PPT presentations.

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Welcome remarks 


  • David M. Dworkin, NHC

Deploying digital campaigns for impactful housing outreach

This past year, digital outreach became more important than ever as housers grappled with changing operations to minimize in-person interaction and meet the increased demand for resources due to COVID-19. Engaging stakeholders, reaching clients and consumers became increasingly critical. Hear from representatives from two successful campaigns who will discuss messaging and digital outreach strategies to provide valuable information and meet community needs.

Rhode Island Housing launched its “Hello, Landlords” campaign to attract new landlords to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program to meet the demand for affordable rental housing.

The “Not Okay? That’s Okay.” campaign, led by Faith Schwartz of Housing Finance Strategies and senior staff of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, came about when NHC members joined together under the umbrella of a coalition organized by the Urban Institute to pool their resources.


Moderator: Melanie Starkey, Urban Land Institute

Advocating for housing and economic equality

Homeownership rates for Black and Hispanic households continue to languish behind the national average and the homeownership rate of their White cohorts, as new economic hardship triggered by the pandemic compounds historic challenges to minority homeownership. Housing stakeholders are unified behind the shared goal of expanding access to homeownership for minority households that have been historically disenfranchised and are pursuing an ambitious policy agenda that creates wealth-building opportunities for all households.

Hear from industry experts committed to addressing these issues as they discuss narrative and advocacy strategies to move the dial on closing the homeownership gap and creating more equitable housing opportunities.


Moderator: Bryan Greene, National Association of REALTORS®

Leveraging online communications and technology in a post-COVID reality

COVID-19 forced organizations to shift business operations and rely on technology even more than ever. Although adapting to changes due to the pandemic has been challenging, the disruption brought out creative solutions to continue to engage with members and clients, maintain advocacy efforts and meet fundraising goals.

Hear from industry experts who will discuss the strategies they deployed to withstand 2020’s challenges and creative solutions that made their business operations and brands stronger than ever.


Moderator: Candice Bennett, Good Shepherd Housing & Family Services

Luncheon Plenary: Advocating for bipartisan solutions in a new administration

A new administration offers the opportunity to reinvigorate the push for important priorities to shape the future of housing. Maintaining a united front, aligning strategic advocacy efforts and appealing to both sides of the aisle on all levels of government remains key.

Hear from advocates and policymakers as they discuss their priorities, such as Community Reinvestment Act modernization, comprehensive rental assistance, closing the minority homeownership gap and more, to advance a housing agenda that is sustainable and impactful.


  • Ryan Clancy, No Labels
  • Adrianne Todman, National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
  • Andy Winkler, Bipartisan Housing Council

ModeratorChris Vincent, Habitat for Humanity

GoodComm: Revamping messaging to help address long-standing issues

The minority homeownership gap, lack of housing supply and rising home prices are some of the long-standing issues that continue to drive the housing crisis. With a new administration, there is an opportunity to take a fresh approach to position addressing persistent housing issues.

Hear from communications, policy and marketing experts who will discuss how advocates should revamp messaging and narratives to further build awareness and highlight the economic and community benefits affordable housing creates.


Moderator: Corinne Hyzny, Cinnaire

Managing your housing brand during national crises

The past year’s events – from a global pandemic to a tense presidential election, political unrest and social movements protesting racial injustice – disrupted the status quo and forced housing organizations to rethink how they maintained and evolved their brand and messaging to adapt to unprecedented change.

Hear from housing policy, media and PR experts who will discuss using a housing brand to be a leading advocacy force to develop equitable solutions that can help the nation overcome national crises.


Moderator: Alina Harway, Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California

Pressing forward with health and housing partnerships

As our nation faces a housing, economic and health crisis, resources are becoming more and more strained. Continuing to advance a housing mission with limited resources and capacity poses an enormous challenge for any organization. But bringing different sectors to the table that can provide additional resources, diverse expertise and valuable experience can drive creative and innovative solutions to make significant strides in addressing pressing housing issues.

Hear from impact driven organizations as they discuss their strategies for appealing to outside organizations and aligning missions and goals that prove beneficial for all partners and communities.


Moderator: Jill Wohl, Housing Partnership Network

Closing Plenary: Elevating housing in the media for 2021 and beyond

News on COVID-19 and the Biden administration are sure to dominate the headlines for months to come. In an ever-changing media environment, creating a media strategy that builds support and awareness of affordable housing is more important than ever as millions of Americans continue to face housing instability.

Join a lively discussion with reporters who will share their perspective on topics that will elevate housing to the forefront of the news cycle and best pitching strategies.


  • Andrew Ackerman, Wall Street Journal
  • Katy O’Donnell, Politico
  • Amy Scott, Marketplace

Moderator: Michelle Hudgins, NeighborWorks America

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