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Housing Affordability Research

Paycheck to Paycheck 2015

There are currently 53 million millennial workers in the US labor force, and millennials will comprise a growing share of workers in the years to come. While the number of working millennials is growing, the paychecks of many are insufficient to afford housing in their area, resulting in more instances of housing cost burden and challenges to building wealth for the future. The 2015 installment of Paycheck to Paycheck from the Center for Housing Policy at the National Housing Conference explores ways in which millennials are different from common perceptions and looks at workers in five occupations filled by many millennials workers and the housing affordability challenges they face.

Lisa Sturtevant, Ph.D. is NHC’s Vice President for Research and Director of the Center for Housing Policy. Her primary areas of research include the relationship between housing and economic development, residential mobility and demographics.

Mindy Ault is a research associate at NHC’s Center for Housing Policy. Her research areas include homelessness and housing-first policies, housing intersections and economic and demographic factors related to housing affordability.

Janet Viveiros is a senior research associate at NHC. Janet’s research interests center on the connection between affordable housing and education, health and economic self-sufficiency outcomes.

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