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Housing Affordability Research

Paycheck 2 Paycheck 2014: A Snapshot of Metropolitan Housing Affordability for Health Workers

It is expected that the number of health care jobs in health practitioner offices and other non-hospital and nursing home settings will increase by 31 percent and home healthcare jobs will increase by 60 percent between 2012 and 2022. (By contrast the overall number of jobs in the U.S. is projected to increase by only nine percent.) However, growing job opportunities do not necessarily ensure that health workers will be able to afford homes in the communities where they work. This year’s edition of Paycheck to Paycheck examines housing affordability in 210 metro areas for workers in five important and growing health care occupations: medical records transcriptionist, medical billing clerk, home health aide, geriatric nurse, and case manager

Lisa Sturtevant, Ph.D. is NHC’s Vice President for Research and Director of the Center for Housing Policy. Her primary areas of research include the relationship between housing and economic development, residential mobility and demographics.

Janet Viveiros is a senior research associate at NHC. Janet’s research interests center on the connection between affordable housing and education, health and economic self-sufficiency outcomes.

For more information or to schedule an interview with the author, please contact Andrea Nesby, Marketing & Communications Manager, at (202) 466-2121, ext. 240, or

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