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Inclusionary Zoning Inclusive Communities

Making Inclusionary Housing More Flexible: Four Ideas for Urban Settings

Interest in inclusionary housing has accelerated in the past couple years, particularly in cities where rents are rising faster than incomes and the affordability crunch is increasingly impacting the middle class. Inclusionary housing policies work through the local land use approvals process to either offer incentives or require developers to make a share of otherwise market-rate housing affordable to low- or moderate-income households.

While some cities such as New York are moving forward with plans to strengthen existing inclusionary housing policies, a new crop of policies is under consideration in areas of the country where inclusionary housing has been historically rare, such as Nashville, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh, Pa.

Robert Hickey is a former NHC senior research associate, where he analyzed the potential of various local and state housing policies to address our nation’s housing challenges.

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