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Communications Agenda

NHC builds a national network of housing communicators, discovers and disseminates best practices in message development and communications and promotes new ways of thinking about the role of communications in housing work.

Values-Based Messaging

  • Track and report on the latest research into framing, values-based messaging and other cognitive linguistic topics as they apply to affordable housing.
  • Provide toolkits, trainings and other resources to help the housing community use scientifically proven communications strategies.

Building Support for Affordable Housing

  • Research the root causes of community opposition to affordable housing.
  • Surface innovative, high-impact ways to counter opposition and build support.
  • Share best practices with the housing community through convenings, publications and presentations.

Monitoring Public Opinion

  • Track and report on the latest affordable housing public opinion research.
  • Synthesize public opinion research to assist the housing community in communicating more effectively with the public and policy makers.
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